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FOOD FIND in Cartagena: La Cevicheria

The TripAdvisor reviews for La Cevicheria didn’t stack up quite as highly as some of the other restaurants in Cartagena, but seeing as it’s somewhat of an institution here (Gabriel Garcia Marquez used to frequent the spot), we decided to give a whirl. It was Sunday anyhow, when few restaurants were open. The exterior of the restaurant… Read more »

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The Holy Grail: La Arepa Colombiana

On the morning of Day 3 in Cartagena, I finally reached the Holy Grail of our trip — feasting on an authentic Colombian arepa! For breakfast, we ordered the “arepa con huevo” (something I didn’t know even existed until I saw it on our hotel breakfast menu). In New York, we’d only ever had the… Read more »

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Travel Treasure in Cartagena: El Portal de Los Dulces

I made it a mission to check out the famed Portal de los Dulces in Cartagena (the town’s portal of sweets). On our way out to explore Getsemani (the emerging, but once seedy neighborhood of Cartagena outside the Walled City), we found it: a slew of two dozen tiny vendor stands along an entire block… Read more »

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Travel Treasures: Vamos a Cartagena, Colombia!

In less than a day, I’ll be hopping on a jet plane with Sven for a 5-hour JetBlue flight to Cartagena, Colombia — by all online accounts a charming, romantic fisherman’s town with horse-drawn carriages and open air cafes on the northern coast of South America. People have shot me some puzzled looks about our… Read more »

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A Special Delivery: Jamaican Breakfast!

Last Thanksgiving, we returned from our visit to the Caribbean with a newfound love for the traditional Jamaican breakfast — saltfish and ackee!! Being of Jamaican descent, Sven’s secretary was kind enough to surprise him this week with a care package of salted codfish, a can of ackee (see suzi’s description of this fascinating Caribbean… Read more »

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Waste Land: A Film on Art and Humanity

On one of many evenings I find myself twidding my thumbs waiting for sven to finish work, I watched Waste Land, a documentary I found on Hulu about a 3-year art project at a Brazilian landfill, Jardim Gramacho, apparently the largest garbage dump in the world. The film tracked the evolution of an idea by… Read more »

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FOOD FINDS #8: Chef Winston at Lime Acre Villa, Jamaica

As avid seekers of yummy eats, we’ve started cataloguing our food posts into a little series called Food Finds. These posts include casual reviews of the unsung culinary gems we encounter on the road–or even right here at home in DC and NY! Jamaican patties. These Winston didn’t make but he got them from a… Read more »

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Pretty Blue Tropical Dress

For most of this week, none of us here have been putting too much effort into our appearances hehe, myself being the most guilty. Which might be why you don’t see too many people shots posted. But during the safari cruise on the Black River, I thought Em’s bright blue tropical dress was very pretty…. Read more »

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Table Settings at Lime Acre, Jamaica

Presentation is important. Even with the tastiest food, it’s the mood of a gathering and the people you’re with that you really remember years later. Here were the table settings for some of our meals! For every meal, our tables are set up in different locations on the villa. Most of the time it’s outdoors,… Read more »

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Drinks in Jamaica. Ya mon.

Rum punch. Adorable dark bamboo tray they served this on. Perfect size for two drinks. And the color of the punch is so pretty I had to do a multi-angle photo shoot of the punch. Indulge me please. Coconut juice. Clear and chilled, freshly squeezed from some coconuts on the grounds of the villa. Bloody… Read more »