I found out that Bits of Thread sewing studio has a whole basket of vintage sewing patterns for sale! I went through a phase last year where I was compulsively surfing websites full of vintage patterns and I couldn’t stop, even at work. I’ve since recovered, but I think this discovery might just put me over the edge and into a relapse hehe.

Here’s a cute little polkadot tunic, and also a wraparound. Love how it says “Super Jiffy” … as in “This will take 5 months to make.”

And some ’70s-era bohemian outfits. The era of bell bottoms, long vests, wispy blouses and flowy dresses a la Joni Mitchell.

In the wake of some Great Gatsby trailer viewings, I’m appreciating this midnight blue dress below. The lady’s hairdo seems a little more on the ’20s side. I highly doubt this pattern’s from the 20’s … the paper pattern would have disintegrated by now if that were the case. More likely the pattern is from the ’70s and, just like us, they had a love affair back then with the “retro” ’20s 🙂

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