I get occasional hints at work and shopping g-friends that I tend to wear the same version of whatever dress or shirt or skirts I already have. My response is always, “Well it’s because I know what will work and what won’t for my shape and height!” …jeez already.

That said, they have a point. And without risk, there is no potential for fun breakthroughs. After all, MLK Jr didn’t win civil rights sitting on his ass (though Gandhi did, literally, hehe). And plus, experimentation has got to be healthy for one’s well-being.

A minute ago, I started a Pinterest board to take notes on fun styles I come across that can give me (and others!) ideas for innovating your look, even if it’s just small accessories or a new way of wearing something you already have in your closet.


Follow MousyBabe’s board Style Crush! on Pinterest.

Written by devotchkaa

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