The official vendor gallery for the Crafty Bastards Festival has been posted!
Crafty Bastard June Fair Ad

I’m especially psyched to see these booths (in addition to imoM of course):

Rebecca Rakstad, who makes postcards with the cutest phrases. Her cards were the first things I bought on Etsy.

I love Rebound Designs book bags (literally) but they’re a little beyond my budget for ‘awesome but unnecessary luxuries.’ I’ll just stick with my nappy red Comandante Ramona tote bag for now. The books are incredibly nerdy too which does suit me just fine (like this Junior Mathematics for Today bookpurse).

Rodney Jamon, who’s my cubicle neighbor at work! and an aspiring fashion designer/illustrator. You’ll have to see his fashion illustrations though which aren’t pictured. They are drawings of breathtaking, over-the-top outfits fit only for the best looking kings & queens.

And last but not least Tina Seamonster, my fellow Crafty Bastards blogger and Q&NotU fan.

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