did some stealth flyering today. not too shabby!

tonight we practiced for the first time in what feels like a month, which was refreshing. everytime we’ve been on vacation for awhile, the first chord we play and the first time i hear my voice coming through the speakers again, i get this rush of very exhilarating calmness. it feels very chemical…starts in my brain and trickles elsewhere, and i’m able to forget that i had a 7am to 630pm day and that I was tired, crabby or mopey when I got to practice. it lasts for about a song or two and then i snap back into reality!

lately it feels a little like we’ve all grown up and gone to college to do our own things and we come back home every now and then for some family time. with the record in the works, it’s like we’re all rallying around our precious baby that’s about to pop out but is just taking a long long time. i can’t wait.

in the meantime the practice space has become almost solely used by The Beanstalk Library. Aaron + I played thru Ryan + Brian’s amps and I was mildly aghast to find they had the knobs set to 8 and 9! Am I just really not rocknroll or is their hearing perhaps damaged beyond repair? I played at barely 1… and got told to turn down at one point !

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