girl spies boy in the other corner. she should try the pickup line i used today:

txt mssg: “do you want 2 get coffee and go 2 library?”
txt mssg: “that sounds GREAT!”

this appears to be the inaugural installation of a series called ‘Mousy Things to Do’ which recommends great things for like-minded nerdy people to do. you might not get the same kind of response on a sunny afternoon, but that depends on how cool the other person is. we got some breakfast and skipped to the Ballston library. it was a sunny day. i couldn’t have been happier.

i can’t speak for all libraries but the Ballston one is incredibly clean, well-designed and high-tech. there is a little room where you can buy old books for $1 or 50 cents. there’s even boxes of old records! I used to come here during the day when I worked at Barnes & Noble and had the day to myself. The library attracts a lot of interesting characters. In the bathroom today a scary old woman was washing her hair in the sink and kept assuring me she would clean up her mess, while staring out at me from under the faucet.

Written by devotchkaa

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