The Crafty Bastards vendor party happened last nite! We met up in a little bat cave called Quarry Tavern in Silver Spring. When I got there, there were tater tots on the table, courtesy of Kim, and I thought to myself ‘I’ve come to the right place.’ 🙂 I also got a veggie quesadilla that was literally stuffed and overflowing with bell peppers, onions and a little too much cheese.

Kim + Sara, the festival organizers, gave a little update on the latest. They’ve both been working extremely hard and going insane over it, but the reward will be a really fun festival in two weeks. We all took a trip across the street to the festival grounds to check it out. It’s going to take place at the Pyramid Atlantic Arts Center, a neat little arty oasis with all the crafty contraptions you can possibly think of.

It was nice to see some familiar faces, including Tina and Debbie (of RocknRomp!) who’s been stressing about putting together the entertainment. She has solid taste… look who she booked! The Beanstalk Library(but I could be biased). Also my work buddy Jason from The Aquarium will be playing in his other band called The Third Channel, which apparently consists of him on a battery-powered casio and his gfriend Sammy on tambourine. That alone should be worth the ticket price. (of $0 !!) and finally Exit Clov was about to play at the last minute, but alas John our drummer will be summering in Nantucket.

Here’s a shot of the portion of the festival grounds where imoM will be set up, and also the mainstage for bands. We’ll have a nice view of the bands. The cars will be gone, although Kim did mention that a woman lives in one of the abandoned cars … well just her luck really. she’ll get to wake up and go to the festival after taking nary 5 footsteps!

Save the Date! Saturday, June 28. 10am-5pm.

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