Bellflur started their week-long recording sessions at Inner Ear yesterday! I dropped by last night since the studio’s literally a stone’s throw away from our house. Everybody was in great spirits.
n678255298_1078708_5020Eamonn (pictured left haha) was at the helm. He posted a video clip on Facebook of one of the takes. Must say it’s all pretty exciting. Later in the week will be our turn to add vio’s and vox. You can follow the recording progress at the Bellflur blog.

The last time we did some recordings together, we turned into the Bellflur Ukrainian Ensemble:

l_a207e1c42c1f4768ac0abdc0058ac269This is turning out to be a busy week of violin recording. Tomorrow, I’ll be laying down violin tracks for a Milly Beau tune (formerly Don’t Be Glib) for their upcoming release. Milly Beau is fronted by the lovely, sultry-voiced Mary Beth Doran, their record is being engineered by John Clov and also features Aaron Clov as a songwriter (and performer I think! still…).

Finally, I may just record some fiddle for a tune this weekend by The Beanstalk Library who have been busy finishing some fantastic new demo tracks. They’ve bade farewell to a couple dear members but are regrouping and will be back on the scene sooner that you know it. Thought this was fitting, except I need to photoshop question marks on Mike and John’s masked faces:


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