Brett, Em and I joined up with the NY clovies this weekend for a show at Mercury Lounge. The next day we met up for a once-in-a-blue-moon practice.

dsc04820Instead of doing a headphone practice, we rented cheap studio space through our friend jG, who also runs a new record label Greenhouse Records. (He’s putting out the Milly Beau record!)


Flood Music Studios is a massive warehouse in a desolate area of Brooklyn. I think the vibe they were going for there is ‘freeze your ass off,’ ‘we don’t pay for heat,’ ‘mm stale cigarettes,’ and ‘oh great, one more musician in a sea of 3 trillion. welcome & good luck.’ It worked.

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We loaded in through narrow icy corridors with numerous doors. Each door featured unique graffiti and heavy-duty padlocks. Within the graffiti design you could discern a number, and that was how you knew you were at the right room. The best part was the beer vending machine in the lounge 😉


Inside our our practice space, there was still some fixing up to do – like moving around this humongous new vintage mixing/board console. Eventually jG’s going to put in new equipment and it’ll be a nice little recording studio.

dsc04827Brett & Aaron screw in another light bulb for more light. I’m tempted… Ok so how many jews does it take to … hah! but they make just as many Asian jokes so we’re even.

Emily arrives, looking like a bag lady! I went downstairs to bring her up. I was starting to worry she would get off of the subway and get lost in the expansive industrial desert.

Practice was fun. We worked on a few new tunes and recorded the sessions on Aaron’s laptop.


dsc04846The highlight was getting to sing into this vintage telephone receiver-turned-microphone. John’s classmate in audio engineering, Lea, had the brilliant idea to take an old telephone and solder the cable into a 1/4-inch input so you can plug it into a PA like an instrument. When you sing into it it sounds like a telephone!! What a little badass. I’m gonna tell her. She’s also got her own project going, collaborating with John Clov.

Brett and I drove back late last night to DC. I’m counting down the days til he (and Em eventually) will no longer be my DC peeps :( I have pseudo-panic attacks about that. I practically grew up with my bandmates these last six years. I’ll miss them but am looking forward to continuing to play and write music with them … and lots more harrowing trips up and down I-95 (on the Bolt Bus no less)! As for Em, she is my left arm. So, we’ll have to work on those twin psychic abilities that people keep asking us about. Maybe that will help us bridge the gap.


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