I’ve been suffering from separation anxiety since Exit Clov has dispersed to the nether regions of Brooklyn and NY. So we’ve filled our time playing with other bands. (See below.)

But first, Exit Clov will have a short lil tour this weekend! yay.
April 1 | Black Cat | Wash, DC (tonight!)
April 2 | Public Assembly | Brooklyn, NYC
April 4 | Middle East | Boston
April 5 | The Khyber | Philadelphia

Here we are practicing in Dallas Hudgens’ weight room :) for a Ragged Glory show in February (RG being a cool Neil Young cover band). It’s Ryan & Brian (The Beanstalk Library) and on drums Andrew Ratliff (Mersey Killers, Bad Hair Day, The Mockingbirds). I just joined them for a couple songs on vio.


dsc04989From my comfortable spot on the floor, I had a nice view of Dave Foerter’s harmonica collection.

Dallas on bass, whom you might know as the author of ‘Drive Like Hell’ and ‘Season of Gene.’ A rather accomplished lineup in this band, as you can see.

The show was a fun time! They played two sets. You can kinda see frontman Dave Eelman (whose voice is remarkably and eerily like Neil’s) and beautiful songstress and bride-to-be Natalie Tedder.

dsc05072Some news on Bellflur too! Em and I saw their new warehouse space for the first time last week when we went to practice for their March show at DC9.

Carlos and Tom just moved into this place that has a garage door opening into the living room space. It’s a bit unfurnished, to say the least, but luckily they’re both excellent and patient carpenters, so the plan is to build rooms up in the loft space, including a lounge area, and turn the main area into a studio and practice space. A shot of the loft overhead:

It was dark that night so I couldn’t get too many quality pics. Maybe next time. Brad on trumpet during the practice, and Eamonn (from the Inamorati sessions!) on the Nord Electro.

And here, a collage of Em playing vio and me acting and looking strange.

Bellflur were retardedly awesome that night.


And finally, Ryan and I went to his friend Al’s house for a yummy chili dinner that he cooked all by himself. It was really cute. Before we filled our bowls, he gave us instructions on how to eat the Texas chili with rice. Then afterward we sat around, played guitar and sang Johnny Cash, Gram Parsons and Neil Young songs.

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yay, blog updates! what’s up! haven’t heard peeps from you in awhile! heading to chicago again this afternoon, so i’ll see your mum.


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