As previously mentioned, our mission in Chicago was really to clean out the house so my mom can put it on the market in the foreseeable future and get her butt over to the East Coast.

Check out all these classic games we came across while cleaning! (Bingo, SIMON, Sorry!, Mr. Mouth, Twins). It hurts to throw them out. Many a dime-a-dozen electro kitsch pop band would kill to have this kind of vintage aesthetic in their cover art. But on eBay these games aren’t really going for more than $9.99 or so. hrmph.

Etch & Sketch and SIMON

Mr. Mouth. Remember this one? I think I had a crush on Mr. Mouth somehow when I was little… I’m not sure how that is but… cuz yeah I realize now he was just a big yellow mouth pictured on a piece of cardboard.

I also came across tons of old tapes. These are the handful I’m keeping in case I might have to prove to my skeptical kids that we used to listen to music on these bulky squares of plastic that took a whole 12 seconds to fast forward to the next track.

Action Figures! Captain America, Batman & Robin

Here’s Chewy and R2D2. Note that C3PO is packed up in Chewbacca’s backpack. gosh I had a crush on Chewy too when I was little. Maybe I just wasn’t into people. C3PO was a wimp but he was smart. :-/

Care Bears, a whole horde (there were also My Little Ponies and Barbies). Kind of strange corpuscle-y little things. Very lovable nevertheless.

And last but not least Em with the Cabbage Patch Kids. These were like the Guitar Heros of our childhood because every store was always sold out and every little kid wanted one. I’m not really sure why… looking back they seem kind of not that cute. And why do babies like to play with dolls? Perhaps the same reason adults like to play with kids…? miniature versions of yourself and you can feel like you’re boss.

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