Those looking for a recap of our recent lil weekend tour, apologies that I chose instead to sit in the proverbial ditch and mull darkly. Nausea stepped into my parlor and consumed until I was deader than the microscopic wiry hairs on the upholstery of a couch.

dsc05109With that said, I’m posting a few pics. Our DC show was a fun time of old friends. Typefighter, who played with us, is a new band in the area and includes Ryan “Pash” (as in the friendly, endearing, sushi-rolling bassist from the DC band Pash), Erik and John – all of whom now inhabit what was the Clov house for a few years and are carrying on the tradition whereby bass and drums are incessantly seeping through the windows of the basement 24/7.

Typefighter were extremely charming, are being managed by Mer Pash, and have plans to tour for some crazy period of time this summer.

DC to NY:
Our true test of patience was when our van, half way to NY from DC, began billowing smoke like nobody’s business. “Everybody get out of the van!!!” Brett ordered. So we jumped out. Aaron breaks open the hood.

Poor van. Looks like green ectoplasm.

Aaron mixes a little somethin somethin for the van to drink. Apparently a hose had a hole in it and was spurting coolant everywhere.

She was happy for about a halfhour, then started smoking again on the Jersey turnpike.

A state trooper arrives to check on us. And then, a little bewildering, but a military convoy stops a few yards behind us and soldiers in fatigues start jumping out.

Turns out they were just stopping for a break. Whew… didn’t wish to be the next Harold & Kumars. Below, ain’t nobody happy while waiting for the tow truck to arrive. We were befuddled about how the five of us were going to fit in the tow truck.

But the veteran tow guy just had the four of us ride in the van atop the flatbed.

This lady was pretty tickled when she looked up 15 feet and saw people in the van being towed. We later admitted we were pretty terrified for our lives at the speed this cheery dude was taking the turns.

At George’s Garage, a friendly, helpful place, but a C- for effort with their vending machines, which was pretty much all we could do to busy ourselves.


Em’s efficient though, she puts on her face.

We ended up renting a nice minivan, loaded as much of our gear as possible, and made our way to the show in Brooklyn at Public Assembly.

Public Assembly (formerly Galapagos)

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