We’re set for our next few imoM shows this spring and summer! Our dad’s imoM project (his artwork on greeting cards and poster prints) has been sitting dormant for awhile, hibernating during this long winter. But we will have a booth at three of the Ballston Arts+Crafts Market events at Welburn Square (Ballston Metro):
Sat., June 13
Sat. August 8
Sat. September 12



ballstonmapCome stop by our booth and say hello! Welburn Square is between Wilson Blvd and Fairfax Drive on N. Stuart Street. Here is a little map.

If you can’t make it to any of our 3 dates, you should still check out any of the other Saturdays. The market is a fun time, with music, fun shopping and lots of good cheer.

Apologies also to anyone who wrote to the imoM.artwork@gmail.com email address in 2008. We thought the email was being forwarded to our personal emails the whole time. But when I signed in tonight to fix a ‘lil PayPal snafu, I found several unread emails dating back to last July! One person wrote to tell us her son spilled juice on one of her imoM posters and was looking to get another one… 🙁 We’ll be writing back… in time.

imom imom2

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