n678255298_2304305_3059183If you’ve ever recorded at Inner Ear (or otherwise hung out there waiting for a sig other to finish tracking and/or watching Wild At Heart on VHS on the antique boobtube), you might not recognize the front parlor anymore.


Silver Sonya have vacated their mixing room, and Eamonn Aiken (who recorded Inamorati for us! Day 1 | Day 2) has set up shop with his studio The Bastille. The front lobby’s turned into a brand new tracking room, complete with a house kit, a wooden sound-absorbing riser, and sound proofing on the walls that’s wrapped in blue and tweed-brown fabric for an authentic vintage touch.

btw, these are Eamonn’s own pics which I pilfered from Facebook. I had my own phone pix (below), but his put mine to shame so I swapped them out :(

Em and I dropped by Inner Ear the other night to finish off vocal overdubs for the last of the Bellflur songs before they get mixed down. The songs are sounding so killer, even unmixed. The record is pensive, infectious, electronic and darkly bold. It sounds of ghost ships lost at sea. I’ve never heard the band as dancey as they are on this one, but I’m thoroughly excited. It’s going to have guest singers May (Inamorati alum!) from Pree and Dan from Deleted Scenes. And Em and I are singing lead on this precious lil’ new-wave tune they wrote called ‘Last Quarter of the 20th Century Blues.’ It features a stylophone riff and makes you think of a sad but warm time in your life during the ’80s when you were lost in a blinding and paranoid malaise of postmodernity … and jelly bracelets.

Here’s me, clutching my headphones as I wait for mics to get set up.

Em prefers to wait on the drum stool. Hm we looked kind of similar that night…both wearing black. (har har)

rabbitantlersGetting back to The Bastille, the mixing room wall is adorned with a really curious thing – it’s a real rabbit head with an intimidating set of antlers. I neglected to take a picture :( But it looked a little like this, to the right, except more eerie and 10 times more random.

The back of Eamonn’s head – our view when we hear our tracks on playback.

Written by devotchkaa



The rabbit moose sends chills down my spine. Even worse would be a mouse head with tiny antlers.


BOTTLES/CANS just finished tracking 9 songs here and they sound siiiiiick! We’re mixing now and should have a summer release in a couple months…


Cool Brendan! Don’t forget to let us know about the cd release show!


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