Mail order Chinese brides… I think they exist! I had to rub my eyes a couple times when I first saw this website It’s an online service to facilitate what appears to be predominantly strange, moustached men seeking loyal and honest Chinese women for wives.

It could pass as just another online dating service except that the website headline shouts “Chinese Brides & Chinese Marriage on!” Classy sales pitch. They might as well say ‘On Sale Now!’ and have an audio stream of a gong to truly round out the Asian experience for these dudes.

Read these awesome “Success Stories.” They really tug at the heartstrings…made me tear up. They must really really love each other since they all seem to want to get married the day after the dude gets to China to meet the Chinese woman (‘meet her’ being a slick euphemism for test-driving the product).

Dear Chnlove,
I want to thank you sooo very much for helping me finding my true love. I search many website only to be dissappointed. I’ve been looking for my true love all my life, yes I’m divorced but Jun is wonderful person, so caring and honest person. I love her so very much. She is my true love.
If you want to find love, Chinese woman first are beautiful and they want to please the man that love them. It’s very important that you be honest as they are and they will love you forever. I couldn’t have done this without them. Thank you again.
Jun + Mike”

This picture’s just plain funny–>

Dear Chnlove,
Thank you so much for your fantastic device to me and my new wife. The Yibang Company was so helpful to me and I especially wish to thank my translator Nicole for all of her help. She was always at my service. My fiancee and I were married in Nanning on May 12, 2008.
I am so happy to have met her through the Yibang Agency. I would highly recommend the agency to anyone who wants to find a kind and loyal Chinese lady.

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