Rolling Stone‘s Rock&Roll Daily just highlighted The Music Slut’s Morrissey Tribute compilation, and they singled Exit Clov out as a recommended tune! Here is the blog post.


Rolling Stone’s Rock&Roll Daily:
The Music Slut’s ongoing tribute to Moz on the honor of his 50th birthday continues, with a string of covers — a new one every Friday! — that range from faithful to far-out. May we humbly suggest you start with Exit Clov’s bright and charming take on “Sing Your Life”?

Knox Road also gave us a nice ‘lil nod. See their blog post on us. They did an interview with us earlier in the year. (I just looked at it again and noticed for the first time that Brett called Morrissey “a wuss” … in the nicest way of course. But still… it’s blasphemous).

You can download the Sing Your Life cover on The Music Slut

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Haha I remember talking to Brett about the wuss thing at a show. Funny guy.

PS awesome blog!


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