Last Friday was the opening night of the DC Arts Center’s 1460 Wall Mountables gallery event.

This is an annual tradition where the gallery’s walls are divided into 2’x2′ spaces and it’s a free-for-all for local artists to come in and claim their spot. Once it’s claimed, they’re free to use that space however they like.

It was a slow day last Wednesday, and my coworker Rodney suddenly got an email about the event, which happened to be opening up to artists at 3pm that afternoon. The gallery’s just down the street from the office, so he decided to go claim a spot on his break. Despite there being a pretty long line, he managed to get 4 pretty sweet spots, two for his Je’suis Divo project, and 2 for imoM!

The only catch was that the following day was practically the only chance to set up the art space before the opening night of the gallery. We were already scheduled to record violins for The Epochs at 7pm, but Em and I hatched this elaborate plan to have all of the artwork with us at work and to bolt straight from Arlington to Adams Morgan in rush hour to hang the imoM art. So I did just that… I fought traffic with a zeal, picked Em’s ass up at the corner of 17th and M, and fought more traffic to arrive at the gallery, only to realize we’d forgotten all the artwork on the kitchen table at home!

It was already 6:30pm. We just kinda shrugged. Before we went back to fetch the artwork, we figured we might as well have one good thing come out of this — we got a delicious, decadent, sauce-drizzled falafel and fries from Amsterdam Falafel.

A shot of the gallery from our corner.


The final design!:

The opening night was incredibly crowded, lots of good cheer and Friday night sweatiness :-O

Look out for a DCist article coming up that will mention imoM!

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