So we pared our goal down from 2,000 hits (in the video) to 500 hits. But in less than 48 hours, we were at 11,000+ hits! And now a week later, we’re at 72,000+! We’re so moved you could squeegee tears out of us. Thanks so much to everyone, friends, families, strangers across the Pacific who bothered to share this with others and to pledge! We were initially going to donate $125 together, but because of the tremendous response, we’ll scrape up another $125 for the cause, on top of all the kind pledges we received via email. Hope this will be an extra boost to help dear Taiwan get back on her feet! We currently know of at least $6,065 in donations, yay.

To view this clip on, click here.

We have a list of pledges so far:
E.H. $0.25/hit ($125)
S.H. $0.25/hit ($125)
J.S. $0.25/hit ($125)
S.P. $0.25/hit ($125)
M.F. $0.25/hit ($125)
C.W. & A.W. $0.25/hit ($125)
B.C. & J.C. $0.25/hit ($125)
Anonymous ($2,000)
B.N. ($20)
K.E. ($20)
J.F.S. ($100)
M.S. ($100) (already sent to TAA!)
M.C. ($100)
Y.S. ($200)
J&J ($200)
T.C. ($100)
Anonymous ($100)
L.T. ($100)
S.H. ($100)
B&R ($125)
BG: $500
Wang5042: “$500 donation to TAA sent.” ($500)
J.S. ($100)
J.H. ($100)
T.T. ($50)
F.R.S. “a few dollars”
K.H. “I made a donation”
= a total of at least $6,065, if everyone honors their pledge!

Here is a list of some places where our fundraising video has been mentioned.

One of several Taiwan news stations:
[youtube= com/watch? v=tg7g5Wwpavk]

China Times – front page!
Knox Road
Typhoon Morakot Fundraiser CNN
News 100 Blog
Radio Taiwan International
Angry Asian Man
Future Rocket Soul

…and Facebook5

Written by devotchkaa


G's dad

You may not know it, but your video was mentioned on the major forum called PTT in Taiwan, which has millions of people visit everyday. Good job…


It was sent to me via southnews link.
I found it very suitable for Tai-American to watch and listen since it’s in English even though the song is in Taiwanese. Many friends have good responses. I hope they will pledge.

Great job done! I will pledge $100.



now that you are at 72,000 and 85,000+ hits, don’t you want to enhance the blog to say “you could squeegee ‘so much more’ tears out of us”? 😉

stay cute.


Quite a lot more than 500! It is really beautiful and I just hope lots of people donate. It was good to give all the details on the different ways people could do that. It must be sort of overwhelming at this point. You could probably go to Taiwan and people would recognize you on the street! ! How about an Exit Clov tour of Taiwan?


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