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So… our fundraising deadline of Sept. 1 has finally arrived and we’re still dumbfounded by the response for our little home video – 108,000+ hits! From what we know, we were able to encourage at least $6,065 in donations for the relief efforts, which also exceeded our heart-patchhumble expectations. While no amount of money will ever reverse the devastating loss of loved ones and homes, we hope that any little bit can help survivors to stand strong and recover quickly. Thanks so much to everyone, friends, families and strangers across the Pacific who bothered to share this with others and to pledge donations.

Many of you said you were moved to tears by the song. We were in turn touched by the unexpected outpouring of warmth, kindness and support, especially for a pair of 2nd generation Taiwanese Americans. taiwanIt made us feel like little long-lost grandchildren being welcomed back by their loving “ah-gohng and ah-ma” (grandparents) with open arms and open heart. Reading the hundreds of sweet comments gave us a happy sense of pride and belonging in our hearts. The response was also a testament to the strength of Taiwanese pride and identity. Needless to say, it was emotional and a bit overwhelming. You make us proud to be Taiwanese πŸ™‚

For those who do not understand the lyrics of “Ai Bianh,” here is a simple translation. We chose this song because it reflects the Taiwanese spirit, which is resilient in the face of challenges, as well as upbeat and hardworking. The message must resonate powerfully with many Taiwanese now, who may feel defeated and down after all the suffering caused by the storm.

There is no need to complain when you feel demoralized/
No need to be scared in the face of abjection/
Don’t ever lose hope and grow drunk and numb/
Lest you become a scarecrow – a body without a soul./
Life, like the ocean tide, has its highs and its lows/
In good times and in bad, you must pick yourself up and carry on/
Success is 3 parts heaven’s will, and 7 parts hard work/
So you must work hard to succeed!

Because so many people seemed to enjoy ?????, we may just make a recording of our own Taiwanese-American folk rendition in the near future! Along with any other Taiwanese songs we know. πŸ˜‰ So do visit us again!

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Written by weepingstar


Billy Chou

Thank you, you guys are so considerate. My daughter is almost same age with you and ABC as well. But we moved back to Taiwan 10 years ago. She just went to NY and DC to Join the Presidential Classroom program at George Town Univ.
I hope you can be my daughter’s facebook friend at http://www.facebook.com/vickie.chou?ref=nf


I am sure your voices are able to comfort victims’ hopeless hearts and that all Taiwanese are proud of you guys as well!!


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