Ragged Glory played Iota Sunday night! This is Ryan and Dave Eelman’s Neil Young cover band. They opened for the Last Waltz, the cover band for The Band.

I played vio and sang backup on a couple tunes. Looking back I shouldn’t have because I was already feeling under the weather from the weekend of festivals (post coming soon!). I must have pushed myself just past the breaking point, for today I was sick as a dog 🙁 just miserable, my throat felt like hellfire it even started giving me a headache.

The show was great though, considering the little rehearsal time we had. Everybody’s probably such a big fan that they already know the songs by heart anyway. It was a rather huge lineup:
Dave Eelman (vocals/guitar)
Ryan Walker (vocals/guitar)
Brian Kent (vocals/guitar)
Tom Hnatow (pedal steel/banjo)
Natalie Tedder (vocals/charm)
Dallas Hudgens (bass)
John Thayer (drums)
Dave Foerter (harmonica)
Susan Hsu (me! on violin/vocals)

Guess who was in the audience! Chris Marchetti, our famous dancing guy! Gotta love him.

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There is no mention of where the described events took place. Not everyone gets to a site on one’s own, you know… List Town and State, Country, etc. for those of us who found the site but don’t know how to get to the events described therein.

Dave Eelman

Hey Mousy – Jesse and Sally are my cousins. Looks like my Dad forwarded the link for this page to my extended family! Can you send the pics to my e-mail?

Dave E


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