I am late to the party, which, for all intents & purposes took place last Friday at Iota Bellflur‘s record release party for the album “asleep.asleep.” We were away we’re sorry. But we wanted to give them huge virtual hugs for this record, which they’ve been working on for an eternity now. The baby finally popped out… and so it has 6 arms, aluminum skin, and eyes like distant lighthouses, whatcha lookin at? It’s everything I hoped it would be… ambitious and magnificent in a luxurious, alien, 21st century, post-modern sort of way.

In some ways it feels fractured and loose but the spider never loses its legs – bellflur on this album are a collective of people, some of whom sing, some play guitar, bells, drums, strings or horns, some clap, and play Kaoss pads and more guitar, EVERYBODY plays some kind of synth device ( :-) ), and others arguably just make gorgeous noise. And together, they play music called bellflur. See below.


Ok hopefully it’s a little more glamorous than that. But go get this record on June 8. So many of our dear friends are on it in addition to the bellflur kids (Carlos, Tom, Patrick, Hunter, & Dana) – May from Pree, Dan and Fatty from Deleted Scenes, Andy from Honeyboat, Elizabeth Olson from Meredith Bragg, Eamonn (who recorded the song ‘inamorati’ for us) to name a few! They even penned a song for Em & me to sing – track 6 called “Last Quarter of the 20th Century Blues.” The song is pretty and has an electric-ky sort of youthfulness to it. Makes me sad in a very modern-day malaise kind of way.

Finally, Mark Jenkins (of Dance of Days fame), reviewed the record for the WashPost. Here’s a video montage of the earlier part of the making of…:


Stay tuned for a party we’re playing eventually at the Bellflur warehouse, which is a trip… it’s a warehouse space, self-fashioned into a dream clubhouse – Wii games are projected onto the huge white walls, there is a half-pipe somewhere in there, vinyl galore, instruments everywhere, three keyboards in the freaking living room! and secret doorways like in Sherlock Holmes. I think even the Stooges’ Funhouse back in the day wasn’t quite on this level 😉

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