Oh woe is me. I got up to go fetch my glass of water by the couch where I had taken a fitful nap. In the darkness I could make out a glass on the floor stuffed with what looked like a crumpled white napkin. That’s weird, since I didn’t throw anything away nor would I have stuffed it in the glass like that.

When I picked it up I realized it was my entire baggie of Hall’s cough drops that had fallen off the couch and somehow poured themselves perfectly into the glass of water! Just my luck :O It was pink lozenge juice by now.

I really need them tonight to sleep (I usually suck on one while I sleep and it lasts for like 2-3 hrs. Really bad choking hazard I know). I thought I could salvage them but when I picked them out, the little wrapped packages crumpled under my fingers… they were just soggy pockets of air. The lozenges were gone! It was like the water had slowly sucked them until they dissolved. oh well.

Written by devotchkaa

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