Stop the press, because it’s here. A sexy, lounge remix of The Sounds of Domestic Living’s ‘Gold to Refine.’ Wish I could take credit for this one…but this creative endeavor sprung from the soul of a friend and musical cohort Greg Maly (of Basshound), who also mixed/mastered the original version of the song when we released it in January. The remix also features Tommy Bradel (Earthtone/Damn Right!) on drums. Yes Tommy sounds like a killer drum droid on the track, but he’s a certified human being — Greg just ran some of the drums through a Kaoss Pad :)

The track is available for streaming NOW @

Incidentally, Tuesday, June 8 also happens to be the release date for Bellflur’s latest LP ‘asleep. asleep’!!! Suz and I were privileged to partake in the awesome making of this album at Inner Ear Studio in Virginia (also the site of conception for Exit Clov‘s Memento Mori). You can hear our vocal and stringed contributions on tracks 2, 4-7, 10 and 12 (track listing below!). We also sing a song that the Bellflur boys penned for us — the Last Quarter of the 20th Century Blues.

1. Gasoline Heaven
2. Brief Physics
3. Fits and Starts and Stops
4. We Are on Ghost Ships
5. Insect Politics
6. Last Quarter of the 20th Century
7. Grey Sparkle Finnish Pig
8. Activate Your Cancelled Check
9. We Cab Build You
10. Seven Eight
11. Taking Down Notes for Questions
12. Repris

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