The Beanstalk boys played a pretty amazing set the other night at Iota. Another one down. They’re at Black Cat in about a week if you don’t want to miss out.

Brett’s keys were angled in just the right direction to make funny faces at me and Natalie.

Also of note, Iota has newly renovated bathrooms. I’m probably the first and only one to ever take a picture of it (this is an all-time low for me). So enjoy it while you can. Check out this nice granite countertop sink and full wall mirror. ooooh aaaaaah.

Here’s the second picture I took of the toilet stalls… yes they have stalls so more than one person can hog the bathroom while other people wait in line. (My first picture was a blur after someone opened the door and saw me taking a picture. I tried to fake that I was just checking text messages so it came out blurry.. har har). Shamelessness

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