It’s a really great feeling when you get to witness a fellow artist’s hard work, sweat, blood & tears come to fruition! Over the last two weeks, we’ve watched two such projects evolve in their little art cocoons and finally be released. The first was Mad Sole‘s “DC State of Mind” video release, and now Bluebrain, who have released their Central Park app, called “Listen to the Light.” (sigh) … ain’t we a proud couple of twins, hehe.

Check out this cool short documentary by Chase Heavener on the making of Listen to the Light:

The Making of Listen to the Light by BLUEBRAIN from BLUEBRAIN on Vimeo.

The Holladay brothers (Hays and Ryan) have been crafting this “album” over the last year plus. It was in August that Em and I visited Bluebrain’s studio to crank out layers upon layers of their dizzyingly beautiful orchestral arrangements.

Working with these guys is great because they know exactly how to run an incredibly efficient string session. We all’s bizzy people y’know? And our bony elbows and fingers start to ache after the first 30 min. Ryan and Hays print out their scores on staff sheets, we read and play them while they man the boards in the other room (and Ryan keeps us hydrated with club soda). After playing each passage, we’ll repeat it again. and again. and again. And each time, they’ll play back the previously recorded tracks in our ears so that all of a sudden, we’re just two little violin players in an entire massive string section of, well, ourselves. It’s an enthralling sound of infinity, if that makes any sense, and it’s easy to just get lost in it.

Anyhow, as far as the actual concept of the Central Park album, leave it to these guys to keep on delivering the latest mind-, technology-, experience-bending project that completely reinvents and challenges our traditional way of experiencing music.

To sum it up, it’s a location-aware album that’s only available on iphone. You plug in your earbuds and take a stroll through Central Park, and instead of an album that’s static and identical to what anyone else would hear when they hit “play,” the album takes its course based on where in the park you decide to walk.

If you’re intrigued, they’re planning a group excursion by bus to Central Park to try out the app! Click here for the event details.

Written by devotchkaa

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