In case you hadn’t heard 😉 … Exit Clov is in the throes of fundraising to get our next full-length album out the door. We put together a little 5min video on Kickstarter where you can donate any amount – $1 to … Or just watch and be happy in your heart … that is a perfectly valid form of support for Exit Clov.

If you’re not familiar with how Kickstarter works, each donation amount corresponds with a fun little “reward” that you will receive from the band, as a token of our infinite gratitude (see the righthand column on our Kickstarter project page for the list of rewards).

1. Watch our video!
2. If you like what you see(!), decide how much you’d like to donate.
3. Enter your credit card info when prompted. The amount will be pending on your credit card until the END of the 35 days of fundraising (Dec. 20). If we reach our target goal of $3,000 by Dec. 20, our project will be successfully funded and your credit card will be charged at that point.

** psst. most recent update. we’ve hit $3,000 and the new target goal is $6,000! :) … Now go!!

Written by devotchkaa

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