If you’re like me, you rarely deck yourself out in jewelry unless it’s the bracelets and earrings you’re still wearing from the last event you bothered to dress up for. And it’s not that I don’t like accessorizing, I love it! But my laziness shows up in the strangest ways (for example, I’m too lazy to cut the tags on my new clothes even after wearing it several times).

Point being, I just found a really simple way to ensure that my laziness doesn’t get in the way of maximizing my necklace wearing. While doing some cleaning, I found my necklaces in the usual tangled mess inside a bag that was buried inside some other bag, inside another bag full of even more shit. So, of course when I’m in my a.m. zombie state, I’m not going to want to go digging into these bags for a matching necklace. If anything in the morning I’m a cowering, blind creature, trying to avoid as much stimuli as possible in order to make my transition into consciousness as delicately as possible (I even have to ease the lights on over time). And then I find myself marveling, during a staff meeting, at the older ladies in my office who always seem to be wearing earrings or jewelry that perfectly match their sweater. I’m like, thats so weird, who has time every day to color coordinate everything so precisely. who does that?? ha. well now, me.

Check this out. I hammered little nails into the wall of my bathroom at a downward angle so I could hang my necklaces in appropriate groupings.

And not only is it a great way to organize, it actually brightens up the place and functions as art on the wall. Funny how it never occurrs to me to hang art in the bathroom – I’ve just been leaving the walls barren. I guess to me the bathroom is a purely functional place. You get in and get out. I’ve never really gotten the whole magazine-or-book-on-the-toilet-top either. Why would you sit on the toilet and read? How about just hurry up and get off the pot and then go read on your bed or your favorite armchair. Like wtf. It’s just weird.

Also it helps to have some pretty cool necklaces hehe …ahem. Like this gorgeous and grisly replica of a rib cage, gifted to me last August by my cousin Ellen. Thanks Ellen! and a sterling upside-down bat. Thanks Em :)

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