Recycled some fabric last weekend! Bam. and from an unlikely object… a beloved old purse that I’ve been reluctant to part with over the years, even though it’s become worn and ratty.

Normally a little patina just makes my heart grow fonder, but somehow the design on this bag doesn’t pull off that threadbare aesthetic so well. Maybe because it’s got a hint of yuppie-ness to it, and so I just end up looking like a poor man’s yuppie.

Since it was cold and rainy on Saturday, it was a perfect day to stay in my jammies, putz around the house and clean out my closet. I was about to toss this bag into the give-away pile, but then what a shame to lose this felt, argyle-sock design. I’m such a sucker for it! So I took a pair of fabric scissors to it and excised this little swatch of pretty fabric. One day it could make a nice little patch or maybe a pocket on a dress or bag. Stay tuned, maybe you’ll see it pop up on a future project!

Written by devotchkaa

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