imoM’s officially going to be a vendor at this year’s Crafty Bastards Festival! admittedly, we’ve only done one imoM show so far, but based on how fun it was last year it’s got to be one of the best craft festivals around.

Crafty Bastards \'07Here’s some pictures from our humble booth last September. It was our first show, so it was very haphazardly thrown together. We had played a show the night before… it was at Iota, which usually means I’ve had too much red wine on the house and stayed up a little too late.


Em and I got up around 7am on a Sunday morning all fired up for the fair. It was a beautiful day… We carried our heavy ass table, which we discovered, at that point, had horrific webs with shriveled bug corpses bouncing in the undercorners. Gross! Figures… the table was on loan from our bandmates, who use it as a bbq table out in “The Grove”/their backyard. That just made it harder to carry.

Crafty Bastards 07But we made it, and here was our set up early on in the day. Everybody else had fancy tents and stuff. We just found our corner and self-consciously set our table up.

I remember when the first person who came to the table and actually bought a card, I was flipping out. On the exterior of course I exuded a veneer of impressive calm. Too bad Em wasn’t there to remember the moment. Too bad you probably weren’t there to witness it. But if you missed it last year, make sure you come to visit this June!

Crafty Bastards 07

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