Mama’s guest room is coming along so nicely! I love this contemporary style with bright primary colors:

We were standing there admiring it the other day, and at one point, she reached for this huge, gaudy paper flower thingy to consider placing it above the bed as a centerpiece for the wall. But I quickly put an end to that haha. I had to silence Chops before he could utter a polite, “Yeah I think that could work.” Older Asian people tend to like bright reds as a symbol of happiness and fortune, but sometimes they take it too far heehoo…

In all seriousness, mama has a really great sense of color. The rooms of her home are coordinated by color hues and they’re especially beautiful in the early afternoon sunlight. Ever since she moved in a couple years ago, she’s been constantly making itty bitty improvements to the interior decor. So every time I visit I look for new little decorations, point them out to her, and then she’ll laugh and say she found it at some random shop.

And this is a beautiful clay plate that our long-time family friend, Mrs. Hwang, made featuring the Chinese character for “Tao.” It translates roughly to “The Way” … as in Lao Tsu’s Tao te Ching, or the Tao of Pooh. It has a very relaxing and zen effect, and goes perfectly with this Scandinavian wood shelf!

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