Introducing the newest kid on the block around our parts. Baji! We were grocery shopping the other day and saw a row of basil plants being sold. $2.99 a pop. For a never-ending supply of fresh basil? That’s a steal. So our hearts melted and we decided to give one of them a home.

We’ve been studying Baji’s behavior and trying to figure out what he likes best. He’s enjoyed the front porch, the back deck, and presently my bedroom sunroom where it’s practically a sauna because of the veranda-like windows. I think he’s responding most to intense sunlight 🙂

Here is today’s lunch of steel cut oats and roasted zucchini + squash with olive oil. We plucked some of the most robust leaves from Baji, rinsed them and sprinkled them on top!

Baji is derived from the Japanese word for basil: “ba-ji-ru.” Here is Baji chillin’ on the back deck <3

Written by devotchkaa

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