While waiting for my cup of coffee at the ’60s-inspired Coffy Cafe in Columbia Heights, I noticed a little table of vintage dishware for sale, kind of like a display you’d see at a yard sale. It struck me as such a great idea! It turns out the dishware belonged to the lady at the counter who decided to sell some pieces she had picked up herself at thrift stores.


Selling personally curated items underscores the feeling of a true mom & pop — as a former worker bee at Barnes&Noble way back when, I know all too well how employees are limited to, say, playing only a pre-determined list of new album releases on the speakers, at the command of the suits at “corporate.” A far cry from working in a real record shop in High-Fidelity hehe.

Chops and I took home a set of 4 of these lovely teal espresso cups. You can’t see it very well in the photo but they have delicate little handles. I was imagining serving them to guests in our home… solo espresso con panna! How cute would that be 🙂 *s

Written by devotchkaa

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