Exit Clov will be playing RocknRomp, the DC show series known for being family friendly and fun. This is the first time we’re playing RocknRomp, so it’s thoroughly exciting. Even better is that we managed to snag a vendor booth for imoM at the Ballston Arts+Crafts Market (the show is part of this craft fair). 

Here’s the show poster – artwork courtesy of Ben Claasson III. I originally volunteered to do the poster for the show, then suddenly got the heebies jeebies about my photoshop skills, even though I do show posters for Exit Clov all the time. So I browsed the Ballston fair’s craft vendors hoping to find some rocknroll artwork to use for the poster. After coming across Bendependent.com I found myself rolling around in fields of warm fuzzies and aesthetic hysterics…perfect stuff for a kids show poster. What’s more he then volunteered to make the poster himself, so now here we are with a cool poster that’s original and totally charming and not grossly pixelated as mine sometimes are.

Unnecessary Pieces of Clov/CraftyBastards Trivia: Not only is Bendependent a Crafty Bastards alum, but RocknRomp’s Debbie was an alum herself, and so was Kristina who’s in charge of this Ballston craft fair 🙂 Kristina was also wardrobe designer for our MK Ultra video last September!


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