There’s this homeless lady who always hangs out at the 42 bus stop for in Adams Morgan around 5 or 6pm. She’s pretty nice and harmless but she looks hella scary and has big googly eyes that make it hard to make eye contact with her when she asks for change.

So obviously she appears to be homeless right? She has these crazy buddies or acquaintances who hang with her there sometimes. Then today I leave work a little early and I see her at a distance in her usual spot on the bench, swinging her legs half crazily and lolling her eyes except that she has a totally gorgeous new haircut — a shock of raven and hot magenta hair sprouting from her head and smoothly patted down like a bowl. i was like what the…?! it was like Lil Kim kind of glamour…and it was just her hair too, everything else was the same as ever, sweatpants and old tshirt.

and i thought she never had enough change to get a ride on the Metrobus! Somebody must have thought it a funny joke to give her a hair makeover when what she really needed was a decent meal to eat.

Written by devotchkaa

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