As avid seekers of yummy eats, we’ve started cataloguing our food posts into a little series called Food Finds. These posts include casual reviews of the unsung culinary gems we encounter on the road–or even right here at home in DC and NY

This was my third time at Aquagrill – home to what I’ve indiscreetly told people were the best oysters I’ve ever had. Now that was a bold statement, whenever or wherever I may have said that (nervous chuckle). I must’ve been a little tipsy at the moment, and thusly am issuing a clarification that both Aquagrill and the famed Hank’s Oyster Bar in Dupont Circle are homes to the best oysters this girl has ever had.

Decidedly so. They would have to duke it out for my heart if they asked me to choose. OYSTER FACEOFF! How awesome would that be. For me mostly 🙂 Pictured below, a refreshing bloody mary, a necessary pairing for a seafood brunch on a sunny morning. (I didn’t use the word ‘brunch’ as a verb, so you can’t punch me).

A small sampler of oysters – these were all from Washington State. It seemed to make sense as a continuation of our Northwest territories appreciation themes of late (read: Vancouver travels). We requested their creamiest and briny-est oysters. They were delectable!

(Random aside: In the above picture, you can see that Chops is wearing a Ready & Willing shirt screenprinted by a good friend Remy, who runs his own clothing brand RAW Gear. They are based out of Seattle and he does some great stuff on T-shirts if you’re ever inclined to do a little online shopparama).

Chops got the Smoked Salmon Benedict with Hash Brown Potatoes and Ratatouille, below. Mmm. What is ratatouille anyway? I only know it as the cartoon. I am an uncultured louse.

And this was my Warm Grilled Shrimp Salad with Roasted Finnish Potatoes and Garlic Vinaigrette, which is really the only dish I’ve had here. Once I find a good dish, it’s hard to tear me from it every next time I visit a restaurant. The shrimp is halved laterally and grilled to this amazing level of crispness!

I had forgotten as well how professional and tasteful the waitstaff are here too. Within the first 5 minutes of being seated, we were waited on by 3 different people, and probably 5 by the time we were through. All of them had a quiet, non-intrusive, but very welcoming and warm air about them. Yes, even to two uncultured louses.

And last but not least… this friggin’ crazy ass bomb dessert! I was marveling at such an exquisite flavor and texture before realizing, but of course. This happy little pastry contained 3 of my most favoritest elements of dessert – 1) mangos 2) caramel and 3) puff pastry deliciousness. No wonder this supergroup made for a most joyous surprise for my palate!

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