This is why I could never live in a place where seasons don’t happen, even if its perpetually gorgeous out. Pumpkin Bread!


There is something about changing seasons that is so romantic and can be poignant and sentimental. It’s not just the weather but the associated smells, the flavors that start showing up in local shops, the pumpkins and squash, the beautiful colour of the leaves and the way dried up leaves crunch under your feet. And the boots come out, the light  jackets. The mornings are crisp and nippy in a way that really makes you wake up and acknowledge the new day. And overall it just feels like a new beginning.

This delicious bread is by Sweetteensy, which had a tempting booth at the Capital Market farmers market down the street from where I work. They also had zucchini bread,  it was a tough choice but the is always next week.

Written by devotchkaa

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