I’ve been devoting a beautiful Saturday afternoon to making our Mousybabe jewelry, which features, as usual, our dad’s artwork. This is a thin vertical pendant that we sold out of in one show last year, and we hadn’t gotten around to making more until now. It was a shame at the time because we realized afterward that we hadn’t gotten a nice photo of this vertical pendant before we had sold out, so we didn’t have any photos to remember them by!


I think these pendants were particularly popular because they are so narrow – they look sleek and elegant but still enjoy an antique vintage feel because of the distressed pewter. Also the framing of the artwork in these trays is different from the other jewelry because you essentially only see a narrow sliver of the overall artwork. Instead of seeing that the overall piece is a flower, vase or landscape, all you get is an abstract splash of pretty colors and textures that only hints at the original design. Or perhaps you could argue the excerpted portion of the artwork takes on a life of its own and becomes its own piece, separate from the original piece from whence it came :)

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