So, Hurricane Sandy wasn’t all bad news. Here’s some photographic evidence of how we turned a few days trapped in tight Manhattan (and DC!) quarters into several productive crafting sessions.

Rustic DIY heart-shaped gift tags: handcut, handprinted and embossed (see the brand new listing in our etsy shop).

Cottage chic DIY butterfly-shaped gift tags (see brand new listing in our etsy shop):

Meanwhile at mousybabe’s DC locale –> rad lil’ linen tampon bags, handsewn and handprinted so the boys know to keep their hands off. These bags are yet to be adorned with pink buttons and jute/twine drawstring to close off the tops of the bags. Inspired by the rocker girl lifestyle — always on tour and on-the-go! Stay tuned for an Etsy listing for these in the near future.


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