Oh my god, this first drink tastes like a**. HA. As in… extremely dangerously healthy. I’m kidding, I think some people would actually really like it (health nut-oids). The ingredients are organic romaine, kale, spinach, celery, cucumber, parsley, apple and lemon.

As noted in her post last night, Em and Sven started Day 1 yesterday. Sounds like everything went ok. (They’re still alive, that is.) The first thing I texted Em this morning was, “Man, I’m already hungry!!!” And I hadn’t even started anything yet. Here is my breakfast below. It’s Bottle #1 of 6 juices that you’re supposed to drink throughout the day. (It’s a pretty green color … if nothing else hehe).

If you’re interestd in investigating further, the company that makes these drinks is BluePrint. The drinks come at a premium, but I suppose health in general does (you pay for it with time, effort, pain, willpower, sacrifice and $) 😉

** UPDATE 1:30pm **

Bottle #2. Bottom’s up! This one has organic pineapple, parsley and mint. In Em’s words, it tastes like a mojito! Yum. Flavor rating is a 10… versus a 4 for the previous one hehe. Health rating is off the charts for both juices, I’m sure. Meanwhile I’m sewing up some tampon bags to sell in the Mousybabe Etsy shop.

** UPDATE 7:53pm **
Bottle #3. I’m behind schedule because I left to see the new RZA flick, Man With The Iron Fists (Brief Aside, and SPOILER ALERT: pretty entertaining, though until the Asian “whores” turned into ninjas (who all eventually died anyway despite their valiant efforts), I was a little irked by the over-indulgence in the Asian female stereotype-3 giggling asian girls in a bed entertaining a white foreign conqueror of sorts, plus the Asian vixen dominatrix.). I have 4 more bottles to go and am supposed to finish the last one a couple hours before bedtime. I get easily waterlogged, so this isn’t a good sitch. Ah well. So the 3rd drink is the same as the first one. And after finishing the first one this morning, I was wondering at the time how I would be able to drink another one of these things… alas, I rode like the wind on my bike home just now thinking, my dinner! It’s waiting for me in the fridge! The green juice! I can’t wait to drink my dinner! And then I smelled it again at home and was reminded how …non-tasty… it was to me. I even felt a little sorry for myself while pouring out my dinner downstairs all by my lonesome. Well… cheers & bon appetit!

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