As I wasn’t allowed to eat today (see our last posts: Detox Post #1 | Detox Post #2), I busied myself with sewing so I wouldn’t think about delicious fried oysters or ramen or fill-in-the-blank with favorite food. These are the products of my suffering.

More explanation to come on what exactly these bags are 😉 Em, myself and family are headed off to Jamaica for a much-needed respite in a bit, so we’re in a self-imposed mad rush to list these in our Etsy shop before we leave. These are the new holiday offerings in our shop!

Here’s a peep inside one of them if you want to see the lining. Most of them have a plain, lightly speckled muslin lining, but I tried a brighter fabric in this one. Wonder what people will like more.

Written by devotchkaa

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