Presentation is important. Even with the tastiest food, it’s the mood of a gathering and the people you’re with that you really remember years later. Here were the table settings for some of our meals!

For every meal, our tables are set up in different locations on the villa. Most of the time it’s outdoors, and it’s always impeccably beautiful and scenic. It’s also next to impossible to set the tables up where we’re not literally seaside and poolside. Credit for the table settings goes to Trisha, our dear butler. I can’t believe how good she is at what she does, so calm, awesome and sweet. If I had to take care of 9 guests and try to make them feel relaxed I would be a ball of nerves and my hair would be perpetually electrocuted.

Jamaican patty buffet spread. And yes it helps to have the backdrop of the Caribbean Sea as a table setting prop.

If you notice the centerpiece in all of the settings, it’s a pretty conch in a bed of fresh flowers, which Spragga the villa gardener, goes out to pick around the villa.

I love this bright picnic blue, especially for an outdoor lunch or breakfast. It looks nice as the lining for a basket of brown toast!

This was set up closer in to the house.

Check out this adorable creamer pitcher. I couldn’t get enough of it, it’s so cute and fat.

Our Monday evening table setting, where we had curried goat and Winston’s shrimp special.

Our Tuesday evening setting on a different terrace of the villa, where we had steak and lobster!

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