Rum punch. Adorable dark bamboo tray they served this on. Perfect size for two drinks. And the color of the punch is so pretty I had to do a multi-angle photo shoot of the punch. Indulge me please.

Coconut juice. Clear and chilled, freshly squeezed from some coconuts on the grounds of the villa.

Bloody mary. This was a pretty standard bloody mary, gotten from the Rockhouse Hotel Restaurant & Bar in Negril. It was one of the few times we bothered to venture out from the villa.

Rum Cream (by Appleton) After touring the Appleton Estate Rum headquarters, we came back with a bottle of rum cream. It’s decadent, buttery and truly sinful. It’s a coffee cream that rivals Bailey’s Irish Cream. We figured we would bring a bottle back and enjoy it in our coffee for the next few days.

Mango Daiquiri and Pina Colada. Party drinks, yes, but it was our first hour in Jamaica (albeit at the airport waiting for the rest of our party to arrive), so Chops and I had to treat Mama to a cold, refreshing, sweet drinkable drink. So these were it!

Red Stripe! Of course! Since we can get Red Stripe pretty regularly back home, we had asked the staff if they could procure some local microbrews for the beer-mongers among us to try. Unfortunately they said the only local brew they have in Jamaica is Red Stripe. Fair enough, it’s a great one. And we also learned that Red Stripe offers various light beers and interestingly flavored ones too!

And last but not least, none other than Blue Mountain Coffee (as noted in earlier posts). We’ve already snagged ourselves several bags of this coffee to bring back home. You can get it for a much more reasonable price here than back in the US. It was a cool rasta dude, working at a little remote shop called JamRock, who sold it to us. He kept saying Em and I were really “good” twins, really “good” twins, meaning very identical haha. Well I guess I’m glad we weren’t “bad” twins.

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