As avid seekers of yummy eats, we’ve started cataloguing our food posts into a little series called Food Finds. These posts include casual reviews of the unsung culinary gems we encounter on the road–or even right here at home in DC and NY!

Jamaican patties. These Winston didn’t make but he got them from a local stand down the road from the villa. Beef, chicken and vegetarian (which consisted of sweet, juicy, soft cabbage). Normally the stand also offers seafood patties with lobster inside(!), but unfortunately not today. Both the chicken and the beef were spicy and the beef was slightly curried. Pastry was flaky, and I’m a sucker for flaky.

Cocoa bread. Believe it or not this bread is often eaten with Jamaican patties – you place a patty in the bun and eat it like that. Sounds like a lot of carbs and starches hehe. But the bread is amazingly amazing. It’s strangely sweet too! And I guess they also toasted it and spread butter on the inside.

Rum brownies and sweet potato bread. One night Winston even whipped up a subtle rum sauce that he drizzled over the sweet potato bread. Awesome!

Winston’s Shrimp Special. We’re ridiculously spoiled. I’ll leave it at that.

Curried goat. The darkness of the photo doesn’t quite do this dish justice. I’m not going to say again, like I’ve done for all the other dishes, that this was insanely delicious, but… it was insanely delicious. Even Sven, who doesn’t typically like gamey meats like lamb, liked the goat. Winston even got applause from all of us when he made his end-of-the-dinner appearance haha. I hope we didn’t make him all self-conscious 🙂 But I’m sure he loved that we loved it.

Veggies fit for me to eat (I like my veggies soft and mushy).

Banana pancakes. These actually had bits and pieces of banana inside the pancakes!

Fried plantains. These were Charlie’s favorite, and Winston came to know this after Charlie requested them time and again.

Chopped avocado and tomato salad, with sweet bell pepper garnish.

Winston’s Surf + Turf! Look how he bundled up the veggies with a strand of green onion. I sliced through the onion rope and the delicious veggies tumbled open in a scrumptious array. The meat and lobster…mmM.

Bread pudding. This is one of Sven’s favorite dessert dishes ever so he lucked out with this.

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