As avid seekers of yummy eats, we’ve started cataloguing our food posts into a little series called Food Finds. These posts include casual reviews of the unsung culinary gems we encounter on the road–or even right here at home in DC and NY!

While poking around antique shops in Brunswick, Md, we did our usual and stopped at a local joint — usually this is a local restaurant or cafe that comes recommended by special trustworthy sources :) For Brunswick, Md, this was Beans in the Belfry.

The name already was enough to pique my interest. It sounded unique, cozy and also kinda rolled off the tongue really nicely. I felt like I could call it my own neighborhood cafe without ever having been hehe. But true to its name, the restaurant was adorable and the mousy librarian in me kinda squealed a little when I walked inside.

As you can see in the photo above, the restaurant is an old converted church building, steeple and all, built in 1910. About the same age as our renovated home hehe. Below is a photo of the entrance from the inside. You can see they’ve maintained the arched stain glass windows. There was saran wrap around many of them, I imagine because back in the day they couldn’t just drop by Home Depot and pick up energy-efficient windows 😉

And there was a jazz trio playing! Really great and friendly. With the resonance and acoustics in the church, it added a bit of nostalgia to the atmosphere.

I don’t think this was the name of the group playing, but I got a chuckle out of this listing on the Jazz Brunch menu. Band discussion: Let’s go for something kind of understated. Nothing too epic. How ’bout we call ourselves Prophets of the Abstract Truth.

It was also very clearly Christmas in there, although this is the kind of place that probably feels like Christmas year round. The walls are green and there are little cottage and country knick knacks hung all over the place. Plus a fireplace!

And of course, what’s a small town cafe without cute old ladies having a meet-up to discuss the next town parade (with their macs), as well as old couples sharing a quiet brunch and coffee.

Charlie’s Eggs Benedict. (That totally sounds like the name of an actual brunch dish, but I meant, literally, Charlie’s eggs benedict that he ordered). The hollandaise sauce was especially creamy and flavorful. I find that a lot of times hollandaise sauce is too subtle it’s almost bland.

My Roma Panini sammich. In anticipation of this meal a couple days ahead, all I was thinking of was a grilled cheese sandwich with hot soup. Sure enough, I got my wish. It was on the menu :)

Close-up shot of the grilled roma tomato and mozzarella. The bread must be brioche… it’s thick and hearty.

When I saw pumpkin pie on the dessert menu, it was all over. I was all… LAY OFF ME MAN, I’M STARVIN’. Note the whipped cream ball which is about as large as the slice itself (which was also decently large!). YUM!

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