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Now they’re just waiting to be made into something, and that’s makin me nervous. The last time I was talking about making curtains, I was planning on white natural linen. But I’ve since decided on 100% cotton muslin: They’re cheaper than linen, they don’t wrinkle as easily, and are easier to just throw in the washing machine. Practicality wins out, at least for this these first draft curtains. Once I finish these, I can assess and see if they will just become a lining for another linen layer.

It was a biatch searching online for a muslin with a thread count of 200 and in the right width (90″). The number of choices in color, thread count, brands and widths had my head reeling. I hate choices because I’m the type of person to just hem and haw in anguish when making decisions. Ask Em, she’ll tell you how frustrating it is. I finally found one by Avalon… on Amazon of all places. I was wasting my time digging into all these boutique fabric shops based in small towns of Maine trying to find something hehe…

It turns out the high thread count does make a difference, I felt the difference between the new bolt and the one I had used before (below). The new fabric felt smoother and silkier. But there are still some things I appreciate more about the lower thread count muslin – it has an overall rougher-hewn quality that lends it a more organic feel. And it’s cutely speckled too!

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yay, excited to see how these turn out! is the muslin thick enough to keep people from seeing your shadows from outside the house?


Yeah I’m not sure but I actually wanted to make sure some light could still pass through. It would give the room a certain kind of lighting inside I think. And if it’s too sheer I’ll do a linen layer on top!


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