As I continue downsizing for my move, I decided to challenge myself to live off of only the stuff remaining in my pantry, at least until it’s all gone. I have very little food left as it is, but the idea is to clean out as much old food as I can so I don’t continue hauling stuff I’ve kept for years and never ever eat. It also forces me to get creative with my dishes!

Last Saturday, I took inventory of my pantry and noticed I had a retard amount of starches and grains, somen noodles in particular. I also had a Snow’s can of minced clams, as well as chilled white rice wine in an Asian-looking bottle that looked ancient. But wine doesn’t really rot I don’t think. And at any rate it smelled fit to cook, if not to drink.

From these main ingredients I whipped up this easy and tasty clam noodle dish. It was actually more delicious and flavorful than I’ve been able to make this dish in the past! I’ll have to check the salt content of the can of clams, maybe that was it. Below is the recipe.

6.5 oz can of Snow’s minced clams
2 bundles of somen noodles
2 cloves garlic (minced. 4 cloves for garlic lovers)
1/2 cup white rice wine
1/4 cup chopped parsley
1 tsp lemon juice
1 Tb extra virgin olive oil

Easy Directions for Somen Noodles: Mama Hsu once told me the secret to cooking these. When the water reaches a boil, remove the pot from heat, dump the noodles in and cover. In 3 minutes you should strain the noodles and get ready to slurp them into your belly. Because somen noodles are thinner than your average spaghetti noodle, minimal cooking will preserve an ever-so-slight chewiness in the noodles. I believe the Italians call it ‘al dente.’ 😉

Easy Directions for the Clam Sauce: Heat the olive oil on medium high heat, and once it’s sorta crack-a-lackin’ toss the garlic in for about 2 minutes. Add the clams, along with as much of the stock from the can as you like. Add the white wine (also to taste). Add just a hint of lemon juice. Lastly add the parsley. To serve you can mix the noodles into the sauce before serving, or pour the sauce over servings of noodles in bowls. Black pepper is also great on top!

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