Suzi’s decorating a new one-bedroom home and has been sharing her ideas & inspirations (& many fails… ahem) throughout the process. Read her blog posts on this: Suzi’s House Project.

I’ve been discovering various idiosyncrasies about this place as we go, some cute, some annoying. But many of which have required some creative DIY-ing. (…yes, DIY is officially a verb. Not half as excruciating as the day I learned that “brunch” had become a verb hehe. Roll with the punches I guess.) ANYWAY. I’ve started calling these things “solutions” whenever we have to find a creative way around something.

Here’s one example, the builder decided to build the TV cable jack into the floor so that instead of poking out of the wall, it’s poking up and out from the floor. How inconvenient is that. Since you can’t set a bookshelf on top of the jack, this meant that any piece of furniture would need to be placed at least a few inches away from the wall in order for the jack to still be usable. There’s little space as it is! So we needed to find a way for the IKEA expedit shelf to be placed flush against the wall.

Enter random chunky pieces of wood that Charlie had lying around from ages ago. I think he once got these chopped up at Home Depot in order to prop the TV screen higher in his old house. Perfect, we could just place 6 of these under the shelf so that it sits high enough for the cable to still be accessible!

Of course, we couldn’t just pick six random pieces. We had to scrutinize each piece, and find the most interesting and unique knots on the wood to face outward. They might as well serve some aesthetic value since they’re going to be very obvious.

Like this one!

These are the final ones we picked. Check out that wonderful knottage hehe.

By morning we had our records placed in the bookshelf 🙂

And luckily for us, even after placing Charlie’s turntables on the shelf, the TV happened to fit perfectly between the top of the tables and the extra layer of brick that starts to protrude 1/3 of the way from the top. Figuring out how to install the TV mounts in the brick wall was its own adventure… for another day.

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