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Long story short, I’m finally going with linen curtains from Restoration Hardware. They just arrived a week ago and it was seriously like Christmas around the house.

You might be relieved (and prevented from punching me in the face) to know that, no, I haven’t completely abandoned my plans to make my own curtains, despite all my talk. Since we’ll use an antique silver double curtain rod, the outer layer (the one viewable from inside the house) will be this linen fabric, and then I can still make the inner lining myself using the muslin I have.

Indeed. I am a sucker. Full disclosure and full confession. I love love love these curtains for some reason haha, and I feel a little lame because of it. Even though we won’t have time to install them for another couple weeks, I find myself ambling over to the box of curtains every now and then just to admire the pretty sheer Belgian linen curtain. Sigh. (Psst btw we got a better deal on these than the prices shown in these links).

But on a more serious note, how does one not pee his/her pants just seeing Restoration Hardware’s listing of linens? I almost blurted out loud at my office when I came across their website for the first time. I didn’t known whether to laugh or cry, and I was glancing behind my shoulder literally acting like I was with a team of pirates and I had come across an old tattered map with an X exactly where all the gold was buried. Maybe it’s because I’m such a linen-phile these days… if you show me anything linen, tweed or herringbone, I’ll be like ready to grab hair and girl-fight my way to the front of the line.

So some more on Restoration Hardware. When I walked into one of their brick and mortar stores for the first time the other day, I mean … well let’s just say everything was BROWN. They might as well call themselves 1,000 Shades of Brown. I was in heaven! As I was making my way to the back of the store where all the curtains were displayed I stopped in my tracks where I saw a little staged area of a bed, a night desk, and… THIS.

Haha. The Sophie Tufted Slipper Chair. Cue the music. It was like there was a spotlight on it and everything else around me and the chair melted away into the darkness. I mean, holy shit! keeEEE-YOOT. It was so…TINY. That was it. I had to have it. The linen upholstery even matches the color exactly of the linen curtains I picked (Sand). So now Em is ordering this chair for me as my housewarming gift, bless her big heart. Haha.

Moral of the Story: If Charlie knows what’s good for him he will keep me away from this store and block the website on my browser.

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