On some weekends I’ve been working at Bits of Thread sewing studio in Adams Morgan as part of their Earn + Learn program. It’s an awesome little studio that serves a huge demand in the district. I think more and more people are being drawn to handmade DIY things, and learning to use a sewing machine is just one such activity 🙂 If anybody is interested in looking to volunteer 3.5 hours on a weekend there, I’d recommend looking into it. Working there can get hectic on some afternoons, especially in the tight, cozy space, but the best part of it for me is getting to see the new fabrics that come into their shop… cutting them and feeling the textures of different types of materials. These are a few snapshots of nice fabrics I found this past weekend!

This one had a Japanese flavor to it, I thought. A little busy but still simple in its use of repeating blue, red and yellow flowers. It says “authentic 1930s” (which probably means it wasn’t actually from the 1930s hehe. You always have to wait two full decades before any decade becomes romanticized.)

This is for the closet mousy frump in me. It’s so conservative and homely, makes me think of an Amish country store or some kind of floral calico from Little House on the Prairie. I love it though.

Apples! A happy and bright fabric that would be perfect for fall.

Another rad retro-looking print, reminiscent of maybe 1970s upholstery. I could see Grandma’s curtains or couch being made of this stuff, except with reeeeal corduroy.

And right as I was about to leave for the day, I caught sight of these little pooglies…awwwWW! Cute little cloth footsies for a tot. And herringbone too! No way. Too cute hehe.

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