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Sharing a new, inexpensive acquisition in our household. Right now our Britta is a large cubic container that sits in the refrigerator, and you just bend the little plastic latch to fill a glass with water.

The problem is, after living with Germans for going on three years (and grouching at them for years to put the Britta pitcher back in the fridge), I’ve apparently joined the other side so that I now prefer to drink water at room temperature, rather burning cold with tons of ice in it (like a real Ah-MER-kin hehe).

Now the only way for me to enjoy filtered, room-temperature water without buying a redundant Britta pitcher is to have a container of the filtered water sitting out. I saw this at Target the other day. Not only is it a darling glass bottle, but it has that Italian swing top lid that Chops and I both like to admire at some Italian restaurants! I don’t know how I feel about the word “WATER” being etched into the side, but I suppose beggars can’t be choosers. Here it is on my dining table looking extra cute next to this doggy with a heart in his mouth.

I’ve since found these kinds of bottles online, also at very reasonable prices. But don’t tell Charlie or he will insist that we get new ones without the text on the bottle. We both have a mild distaste for anything too gaudy or obvious like text, or a logo or brand name. But I have a higher tolerance if it means not spending the extra 2 cents heehoo.

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